Akzara Martini

Akzara is a Venezuelan dancer of Dark Fusion and member of the CID-UNESCO (International Dance Council). She is also the founder of Sombras and creator of the Dark Fusion Sombras Style. She took dance classes from a very young age, and at the age of 14 she began her Arabic dance studies with the teacher Nelesi and later with the teacher Liliana Sanchez. Two years later she entered the Divas Arabian Dance academy directed by Flavia Aslan, where she took classes for several years. years with Professor Nazharit Layali, and also worked as a teacher.

Akzara Martini
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She took classes in workshops with Saida, Jillina, Bozenka, Farida Fahmy, Alla Kushnir, Petite Jamilla, Rania, Anna Borisova, Suhaila Salimpour (Jamila and Suhaila format), Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, April Rose, Mira Betz, and did an intensive of ITS certification (Improvisational Tribal Style) with Amy Sigil and Kari from UNMATA.

She belonged to the Stars Ballet of the Middle East directed by Nazharit. Simultaneously she trained as a tribal dancer, attending workshops later with Mariamira, Leslie Cohen, Helen Vazquez, Yvonne Briones (Director of Samsara, Fat Chance Bellydance sister studio), Sharon Kihara, Moria, Sherry, Elizabeth Strong, and belonging to the fusion group Tribal Faylinn directed by Leslie Cohen.

In 2008 she formally began his studies of Hip Hop at the IMPETU academy with Professor Jeshill Colina, where he also participated in choreographies of other dances such as lyric jazz and street jazz. It belonged simultaneously to the independent hip hop group BEATHOPER directed by Cesar Toro and in 2011 to the jazz group Lyrico LUNATIC directed by Professor Catherine Pintos.

She also took classes in a workshop with Beyoncé dancer: Dana Foglia.

She is currently studying other dances that help complement the choreographic content of the Tribal Fusion, including flamenco with Professor La Canela Reyes and Hip Hop with Jesús Orta and Hip Hop Connexion (Javier León and Diego León).

Akzara Martini

Since 2006 and until today she is a choreographer of dance groups from different schools in Caracas.

In 2008, she received a prize as the most outstanding dancer in the competition Challenge to the Movement of Bellydance and flamenco organized by IMPETU.

In 2010 he directed a duo of Tribal Metal, exploring new areas of dance.

In 2011, she got the first place as Tribal solo dancer in the Bellydance and Fusion competition organized by Professor Melek, and in December of that same year she performed in Florida, USA in the Harley Davidson’s Motorcycle Club “Der Krieger” .

He is currently an exponent of the Dark Fusion style and directs the school of the same style called “SOMBRAS“, which opened its courses in September 2011 and where classes of different dance styles are currently taught.

This style combines three branches of dance (bellydance, tribal and urban dances) resulting in a fusion of mysticism and power, enhancing these qualities in women. The music used for this style is electronic, rock and music from the Middle East.

SOMBRAS has been involved in more than 30 dance events nationally and internationally and winner with its director Akzara of 3 awards in the FELDAV / Belly Awards event:

  • (Academy highlighted in the FELDAV 2012
  • (Tribalera of the year 2013)
  • (Professional with outstanding work of 2014)
  • Explotion School 2015

Awards in competitions:

  • 1st place in Flamenco IMPETU and bellydance fusion competition (2009) and a special prize for “Outstanding dancer”.
  • 1st place in the Bellydance and fusion competition (2011).
  • 2nd place with a particular dance team in the hip-hop category in the DAM competition. (2008).
  • 1st place with the IMPETU professional ballet in the jazz fusion category in the national competition of DAM (2009).
  • 3rd place with a particular team dance in the lyrical Jazz category in the DAM competition. (2010).
  • Nominated for the 2015 Union Rock Show Awards as “Personality of the Year”.

Since 2011 Akzara has been invited to more than 25 festivals and workshops to teach this new style of dance in Venezuela and abroad, including Mexico and the United States in cities such as (Port Saint Lucie, Melbourne, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale) including the famous Tribal Solstice Festival which had the honor of being part of the staff of instructors.

She has also ventured into the production of events, being one of the most outstanding “La Voz de tu SOMBRA” in 2013 and 2014, for the combination of dance with audiovisual projections, “HUELLAS” in 2015 and “ESENCIA” in 2016.

In 2012 she is in charge of uniting the talent of different dancers of different styles who have extensive experience in the world of dance to form the Fusion group “Abstrakta”.

Akzara Martini

In 2017, she traveled to Las Vegas Nevada to study at the Tribal Massive with outstanding teachers of this style. Where he had the opportunity to present a solo of his own style and also to present himself with Amy Sigil and a group of ITS students on the stage of the festival.

What characterizes her as a dancer is the strength to interpret music as Rock and electronica and the balance when merging dances as opposed as tribal, bellydance and hip hop.